Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA)

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Tuesday April 29 

Teleseminar: Meet Tracy Caywood!


1 pm

More info on April 29



Monday May 12

GaREIA General Meeting

“How To Automate Your Marketing”

Keynote Speaker, Tracy Caywood

Doors Open at 5:30 pm!

More info on May 12


Saturday May 17

Super Saturday Training Event:

“How To Automate Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business”

with Tracy Caywood

More info on May 17



Attraction Marketing For Investors Teleseminar Series

presented by Wendy Lovejoy, GaREIA Marketing Director, GaREIA Business Associate Member


Wendy Lovejoy

Listen to the Recordings!

Dial 559-546-1099 Access 29972, then add Ref #:

April 3 Call – Ref# 17 – or listen via YouTube:

April 10 Call – Ref # 18

April 16 Call – Ref # 19




Upcoming Education Network Groups

Landlording – April 24

 Dealmakers – April 30

Wholesaling – May 1

Creative Financing – May 5

Commercial / Multi-Family – May 6

Dealmakers – May 7

Southside – May 7

Market Update / Technology – May 8

New Investors – May 13

Dealmakers – May 14

HUD / REOs / Auctions – May 14

Women’s Empowerment – May 14

DeKalb – May 19

CashFlow Game – May 20

Dealmakers – May 21

REI Strategies – May 21

Landlording – May 22

Intown Rehabbers – May 27

Dealmakers – May 28

Lanier / Gainesville – May 28

Saturday May 3

Super Saturday Training Event:

Marketing Makeover for Your Business

presented by Wendy Lovejoy,

GaREIA Marketing Director

and Business Associate Member

More info on May 3




What a FANTASTIC GaREIA Boot Camp March 13-16!


More info on GaREIA Boot Camp




GaREIA Boot Camp November 2013 Graduates and Instructors

Next GaREIA Boot Camp: October 2014!

Part of GaREIA New Investor’s Toolbox!

14 Courses over 4 Days!  Bus Tour of Properties!

More info on March 2014 Boot Camp



Millionaire Investor Secrets Teleseminar  Series
February – March 

Access the recordings by

Dialing 559 546 1099   Access Code 299729#

and then the Ref # for that call


March 6: Steve Laube, Shaya Grasseschi  Ref # 16

February 27: Mike Jacobson, Bill Cook  Ref # 15

February 20: Carl Stifter, Steve Jordan  Ref # 12

February 13: Ken Jordan, Don DeRosa  Ref # 11

 or (2) Via You Tube:

February 6: Bill Cook, Darlene Coquerel  Ref# 10

or (2) Via You Tube:


Thank you to Series Host, Wendy Lovejoy, GaREIA Marketing Director and Business Asociate Member, and to all our Speakers!




Join GaREIA or Renew HERE

or call us at 770-451-8800




Recorded Webinar:

For Landlords: Collecting Back Rent

presented by Cynthia and Gary Schmidt

Cynthia and Gary Schmidt

Did you miss Cynthia and Gary when they were at GaREIA? 

Listen to this recorded webinar with Cynthia for great information for landlords in Georgia!

Click Here for webinar




Announcements / Updates

Annual Meeting and Election of 2014 Board of Directors

The Annual Meeting and Election of the 2014 Board of Directors for the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, Inc., was held at the December 9, 2013 General Meeting, Wyndham Atlanta Galleria Hotel, 6345 Powers Ferry Rd, Atlanta GA 30339.

GaREIA 2014 Board of Directors:

  • Mike Jacobson, President  president @
  • Shirley House, 1st VP / Education Director   educationdirector @
  • Dean Tilman, 2nd VP   vicepresident @
  • Cris Ford, Treasurer   treasurer @
  • Kathy Almond, Secretary   secretary @
  • Donna O’Berry, Past Executive Officer    pastexecutiveofficer @
  • Curt Smith, Membership Director   membershipdirector @
  • Wendy Lovejoy, Marketing Director   marketingdirector @
  • Harry St. Louis, Volunteer Director   volunteerdirector @
  • Robert Mulcahy, Professional Services Director   professionalservicesdirector @
  • Make sure to take advantage of the referral program! Bring a new member to GaREIA, and receive a FREE MONTH – added on to your annual membership!
  • GaREIA needs YOU!  Sign up for the Volunteer Program today!  Board of Directors, Education Network Group Leaders, Committee Members, and General Volunteers all give their time and expertise to make GaREIA a great organization – and get much more back in return! Email Harry St. Louis, VolunteerDirector [at], and sign up for the Volunteer Program today!


GaREIA Headquarters 4353 Tilly Mill Rd, Ste 130, Atlanta 30360  Tel 770-451-8800  gareia [at]   Karen Yaap, Executive Director

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5 FEARS of Real Estate Investing

Apr 8, 2014 by

There are 5 fears in real estate investing that can cripple you from taking action.33

1- “I will wait until the market gets better.” There are so many markets now that are stable. Some are even increasing. However, we are not at the peak and that is fine. Successful investors focus on the deals not the market. They base their action on the profit in the deal. They want to know: will the property cash flow?

2- “I may not find a buyer in this market.” In today’s market there are more buyers and sellers. In every city there are many markets such as low income, middle income, high income, rentals, mobile homes, fixer uppers etc. Each market is different from the other. Some markets are doing better than others. First time home buyers and investors are still doing very well. There are still deals that cash flow for cash buyers and fixer uppers.

3- “I cannot start until I have great credit.”   If you are buying with a conventional loan you will need scores that are over 720. 31You will need larger down payments as well with traditional bank financing. But investors have more options for their purchase, such as hard money lenders or seller financing.

4- “I have to have a lot of cash to purchase real estate.” Investors can use money partners or alternate financing options. Lots of investors do more deals without having to ever see a bank loan application. You can learn more about this at GaREIA.

5-”My tenants will never pay rent on time.” One thing you will learn by hanging out at GaREIA is not to pay too much for a property. This is one of the main reasons investors face problems in rental income.22 They may not understand vacancy or repair expenses. This is why it is better to get as much training and learn about the numbers before purchasing investment properties. You can buy property for less than 60 cents on the dollar in many markets. In some cases you may want to get a property manager. This will free you up to find more properties.

6- “Real estate is too hard and I am not sure if I should start now.” These are actually #6 and #7 on the list; and certainly the list of fears could be endless!  Most people find it hard when they do not have the right team to help them. They feel they have to know and handle every part of the transaction. In every successful business model there is a team. Real estate is a business and you will need to build a team. Every member of your team can be found at GaREIA. Being in the atmosphere of those who have had success in real estate will make it easier for you to do the same. You will also realize the areas you feel most comfortable handling and which areas you need to delegate.

The best way to make money in real estate is to dive in deeper and t32ake action. There is book knowledge and knowledge from experience, the latter is much more profitable. But until you do your FIRST deal the second will never materialize.

Hang out in our community. LIKE us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Here’s to your success,
Wendy Lovejoy
Marketing Director
Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA)


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About Wendy Lovejoy

Apr 8, 2014 by

1379696_10202274614096289_918782989_nWendy Lovejoy is the Marketing Director for and a Business Associate Member of GaREIA.  She is a Business Transformation Coach. She is President of, a peak performance agency, and is Founder of Durbans and Wendy Lovejoy Business Bootcamp® – the industry’s resource for profitable brand strategy. She is the noted author of the book, “Money Answers All” and other titles such as “Birthing a Business” & “Success Scripts” (2002). Connect with her online at marketingdirector[at],, on Twitter at @moneyanswersall and on Facebook at Wendy Lovejoy Coaching.

Have a question for Wendy? Continue the conversation @


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Why GaREIA, Pat Williams?

Apr 1, 2014 by

pat picMy name is Patricia Williams and I am presently a Realtor with Keller Williams; I am also an investor and a member of GaREIA. I became a Realtor in 2001 and although I enjoy that aspect of real estate, helping others buy and sell their own real estate, I realized early on that I wanted to expand my knowledge into investing in real estate for my own economic growth.

However, it would take many years before I actually took that leap. One reason for the delay is I was a single parent raising two children and, for me, investing seemed a bit risky.  Since those days I have learned that real estate investing does not have to be risky if you know what you are doing; KNOW or knowledge being the operative word.

During my career I have helped several investors find great real estate deals. I have always loved working with investors. Even though several of my real estate colleagues would speak negatively about investors, I would gravitate toward them. Many Realtors felt that the investor only wanted to use us, take up our time, make ridiculous low ball offers, and if they did purchase property that we, the Realtor, would realize much lower commissions.

This may have been the case for some Realtors, and I can see that if this was their only experience of working with real estate investors that 21a Realtor would want to avoid this type of clientele, but because I have a different perspective, I not only welcome investors as clients, I seek them out.

For me the real estate investor is a prized opportunity to learn techniques and skills that will help me to attain my real estate investment goals. And I have learned many great, creative techniques that I could have never learned from working only with the main stream real estate client. If you find a good investor to work with, and develop a great relationship with them as well, you become like partners and work like a team.

Unfortunately for me, due to some extenuating circumstance in 2008, I lost my real estate investments and much more. I literally had to begin again. I had put my real estate license on inactive and left real estate all together for five years. In the later part of 2013, I decided to reactivate my real estate license. I first made a great decision to join Keller Williams Realty and then I made an OUTSTANDING decision to join GaREIA.

Because of my past experience, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that was to be both an investor’s Realtor and an investor. What I love about the two companies I joined is that they are both dedicated to teaching and networking. They both want to give you all the tools needed for success.19

There is one thing though that makes GaREIA even more valuable to me and that is that they have so many hands-on opportunities from which I can learn. Conversely, many real estate companies, including Keller Williams, will teach you in a class room style setting about real estate; GaREIA offers Boot Camps, and satellite smaller meeting groups that offer more direct experience; they also focus more on your specific area of expertise. Even their large monthly group meeting is filled with great speakers, knowledge, vendors, services, and a huge networking community. At GaREIA we have this wonderful opportunity EVERY month; not just at infrequent events that are offered at the real estate companies various venues.

Additionally, in the smaller groups and boot camps you learn from the best instructors that have been there and done that. They will also bring in guess speakers in various related fields of interest, and you also learn directly from your peers who are there and doing it right now in real time. In my opinion coupled with my vast experience in real estate, I will say that there is no better place that offers this unique experience for the real estate investor.

If you think it doesn’t get any better, it does. The people themselves at GaREIA are dedicated to giving you the best experience ever. And it all begins with the Executive Director, Karen Yaap. 20She is not only the kindest most giving person you may ever meet but also so knowledgeable and so willing to help you get the very best experience from GaREIA. After speaking with her when I called for information, I knew that GaREIA would be the place for me to begin again.

It has been a wonderful experience for me. I am learning so much about what it takes to survive in this present market and am meeting so many fantastic contacts. I have even helped one of the investors find and purchase a property already. Now I am preparing with knowledge and contacts to purchase one for myself.

I love my real estate/investor career path. I have the best of both worlds. I am a Realtor for the investor plus I am learning to be a great investor for myself and all with the help that I am receiving from GaREIA. Thanks GaREIA for EVERYTHING; I recommend you HIGHLY.


Pat WILLiams
(Direct #)   678-871-7757
(Office Fax) 678-252-1909

Search properties with my free mobile app!  Enter KW1KBFZJ9 to activate the app




We WILL DO whatever it takes to deliver a successful, seamless, smooth, and easy real estate experience.


Wendy Lovejoy

Marketing Director


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The Success Stories… (continued)

Mar 28, 2014 by

Hi my name is Dave Vaz. I joined GaREIA back in 2006 after hearing of them at a Wealth Intelligence Academy seminar in Houston Texas and I’ve remained a member since. 18I had paid almost $20K for a training package with Wealth Intelligence Academy, attended all the Seminars in the package and still had not felt equipped with enough information to make things happen in my real estate investment career. At GaREIA I got the opportunity to fill in the gaps by talking to other like minded individuals who had more experience than I did. I attended many subgroups and general meetings each of which I learned valuable information about Real Estate Investing. I acquired information on finding deals in our local market, landlording, wholesaling, real estate law, and many other real estate related topics.

Over the years on a part-time basis, I’ve been able to acquire several rental properties, tax deeds and completed several wholesale deals. Most of all, I’ve also developed strong networking contacts with other investors who I can bounce ideas off of and who I call on to recommend different vendors that I may need.17

GaREIA has been one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in my realestate career.

Dave Vaz
IRIE Investments,LLC

We love our community of motivated and well rounded investors at GaREIA…Thanks Dave Vaz…..You are an inspiration to other young and new investors….

Wendy Lovejoy
Marketing Director

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Success Story: A.C. Cooley

Mar 27, 2014 by

Wendy Lovejoy :  Who are you?

A.C Cooley : I am a husband, father, and a man of faith who happens to use real estate investing14 to pursue freedom and abundance of life.  I recently quit corporate America after twenty years as a computer programmer. I became a full-time real estate investor to spend more time with my family and live out my vision for life.

Wendy Lovejoy : What do you do?

A.C Cooley : I currently buy and sell investment properties which allow me to replace my former corporate income. My main strategy is to buy properties from private sellers at a discount which allows me to do one of two things: 1) Quickly flip wholesale priced properties to other investors 2) Renovate them and sell them to homeowners at retail price.

This has allowed me to be able to pick up my daughters after school, help them with homework and participate in their school activities. Previously, long work hours and long commute made those things a challenge. Real estate investing has allowed me to start building a nest egg for my retirement and children’s education. It has allowed me to pay down debt which can work against a person trying to accomplish their dreams. Also, being a man of faith, it has also allowed me to have more time to volunteer to serve others.

Wendy Lovejoy : Who do you help?

A.C Cooley : I help motivated homeowners who are in a sensitive situation where they need to sell a property they own. BXP30432They may not be able to afford the payments or maintenance. They may be a tired landlord. They may have inherited a house they don’t want. I don’t just look at myself as a real estate investor but a real estate problem solver. I help homeowners solve real estate related problems.

Wendy Lovejoy : Why do you feel this is helpful?

A.C Cooley : When I buy real estate from motivated sellers I help take stress off them. There are people who drive back and forth spending hours dealing with properties that they do not live in nor are they producing income for them. These can be properties that cause worry and take hours away from spending time from with their families; renovated by an investor it improves the neighborhood. No one wants to live next to a deteriorating property with high grass, weeds or worse.

Wendy Lovejoy : Why did you connect with GaREIA?

A.C Cooley : In order to be successful I believe you have to be around like minded people who are already successful at what you are doing. A real estate investor association is where you will find other successful real estate investors. Also real estate investors do not think like the average homeowner. I started getting into real estate investing while the market was in decline after the real estate bubble burst. My friends would say “Isn’t it a bad time to buy real estate? Are you sure you want to do that? It was a bad time for homeowners to sell their house but a great time for investors to buy properties at a cheap price. When you are a struggling beginner (as I once was) you need to be around positive people who will support you. They know that what you are trying to accomplish actually works.

Wendy Lovejoy : How has GaREIA been helpful?15

A.C Cooley : I just moved to the metro Atlanta area 14 months ago. I did not know the Atlanta real estate market. GaREIA has allowed me to quickly connect with other experienced investors who have invested in the area for years and even decades. I have met contractors that I may use on my next rehab project. I have also met potential joint venture partners and also private money partners. To be successful in real estate you cannot work in a vacuum. You have to be able to network which leads to you finding out information that can help you be successful. The GaREIA e-mail (google) groups are extremely helpful. There are always several people willing to answer your questions. I have received referrals for inspectors, contractors, real estate agents to help build my real estate team.

You need to have an abundance mentality and work with others. No one person can buy all the investment properties. We need each other. I would rather have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. Also, the subgroups (education network groups) are great. There is something going on every week.

Wendy Lovejoy : Would you recommend GaREIA to others and why?

A.C Cooley : For the reasons I have just mentioned I would definitely recommend any investor whether new or experienced to join GaREIA. I immediately joined at the first meeting I attended.

A.C. Cooley

(404) 491-1906

This was a great interview – thank you A.C Cooley!

Wendy Lovejoy

Marketing Director




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The History of GaREIA

Mar 25, 2014 by

Do you know the history of GaREIA?  Knowing the history will help you understand the investing experience that you have connected to. There is so much potential for success at GaREIA…

Mops and PopsGaREIA was originally called the RAND Group.. Like many investors in the early 1980′s Robert G.Allen was the GURU. He had written a book titled No Money Down.  RAND = Robert Allen Nothing Down.  The group was a for profit group, like most REIA’s.  The group met at the Waverly and there were over 1.000  that attended every month for several years.

Because Delaney, Callahan, Catts wanted to form a new group that was a non-profit, GaREIA (Georgia Real Estate Investors Assocation) was created.

Steve Jordan came on the Board in 1981. His first assignment was to find office space..They started at the  Perimeter Place office complex but grew very quickly. Gay Alston was the first office manager. They held seminars at the location. Dyches Boddiford was the  President in 1981. Steve Jordan became the President in 1993.The membership was 300 and the largest group in the country. The strategy of each member bringing in one guest to the monthly meeting  grew the membership to 450. Steve Jordan cam up with many great ideas including visiting each subgroup to get feedback..

Some members were not renewing their membership because they felt they had not learned enough to do their first deal..   Doug Johnson, Ken Jordan, Gordon Catts, and Pat Wells got together and formed the GaREIA Boot Camp to solve that issue.2210-Rock-Ridge-Dr-Exterior-Front-1-Close

By 1995 they moved to larger space and hired additional staff. Steve Jordan took over as Education Director. They filled the calendar a year out with speakers. They created a brochure that put the speakers bio’s and pictures and sent it out to the membership.  This grew the membership to 1,750 by 1999.

It pays to know the history of GaREIA. We are the longest and strongest growing REIA in the nation. We will need more than one post to cover the incredible history.

Thanks to Steve Jordan for sharing  this content…

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and to join our mailing list… Your investing success starts here!

Wendy Lovejoy
Marketing Director

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